Apprenticeships are good for apprentices, equipping them with knowledge, skills and experience while providing a pathway to career progression and the opportunity to earn while they learn. Yet this type of training is not simply a one-way street, apprenticeships can be hugely beneficial to employers too.

Apprenticeships provide a way of training staff through on-the-job and off-the-job training, along with some accompanying study for them to be able to reach a certain level of competence. It is a genuine job with a skills development programme and end point assessment.

Many employers who run Apprenticeship programmes talk about the chance it gives them to ‘grow their own talent’.Apprentices learn theory and application concurrently and are therefore able to develop a real understanding of the business they are working in and make improvements to the business more quickly. They’re ahead of the curve.

Apprentices don’t have to be new employees either; existing employees can begin an apprenticeship, which will enable them to receive advanced technical training and gain a formal qualification whilst still contributing to your business.

Absolute can help you with funding, grants and provide a free recruitment service in order to match you with a suitable apprentice, so contact us to find out more.